Your videostore in the clouds

The most advanced solution for aggregating, storing, syndicating, distributing and monetising video


The VIP Room exists in different versions dedicated to different video genres, including footage, news, video news releases, short movies, music videos, sports highlights, corporate content... and also full TV programs.

We have been developing for the last 7 years the tools to facilitate the management and the delivery of video assets.

We provide solutions to help our clients deal with video content and/or video workflows whether it is in the broadcast world or a web environnement. We offer turn-key videostores for different genres at a very affordable price, or we assemble and integrate dedicated platforms for very specific needs.​

Our solutions include video ingest and metadata aggregation, metadata editing, preview creation, storyboard creation, speech-to-text processing, watermarking and/or fingerprinting, secure storage, secure transport, cross-media streaming, online licensing, dynamic pricing & marketplace features, transcoding and online automated publishing.​

Our solutions are all available in SaaS (Software As A Service) with a full broadcast QoS (Quality of Service).​

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