Think, make and disseminate your video

We have been investing for many years in facilitating the access to amazing video content from all over the world for our media clients. You can now also access these resources to produce your own content and to distribute it around the globe. We can also help you to design your digital strategy both in terms of workflow and distribution.

Consulting services


As pioneers of tapeless distribution, we can help you to design and to implement your strategy to switch to digital. We can participate in your discussion about security, about metadata management or about monetisation in the new media arena.

With cumulative experience of 50 years in the photo, news and content distribution industries, a deep knowledge of the new technologies and a sound investment in cutting-edge technology, Akamedia and its managers will bring you the most practical and efficient recommandation that you can expect.​

Production services


We really know how to shoot news, yes we do! From interviews with the world's leaders to the press conferences of major sports, from the red carpets of the main film festivals to the most intimate discussions with the stars, evidence of what we can do for you is what we did for others.

If you need to produce news packages, highlights, promotional videos, documentaries or informational media, we will organise the preparation, the shooting, the editing, the translation and voice-over if needed to provide ready-to-air clips, whether it is for your Website or for the broadcasters around the globe.

We are also creating very appealing informational programs and scripted series that can be embedded in the news, localised at an specific event or embracing a specific topic.​

Distribution services


You can use us as a distributor to licence your productions to third parties or you can ask us to set-up a distribution platform to reduce the costs of your logistics.

You can also rely on us to make your content available to your clients in the right format, to publish it on the video sharing platforms or to re-package it for new media needs.

We also partnered with premium providers of live streaming and satellite news gathering to assure the best quality for the end-users should you organise live transmission. And in any case, we will complete the live broadcast with the production of highlights that will be available at the end of the transmission.