Premium Content for all screens

From raw material to ready-to-air programs, Akamedia gathers an immense diversity of formats and genres for media clients, whether they are major TV channels for their news reports and entertainment shows, new media players bringing stories in video to their growing audience, or other organisations creating their own TV stations.

Short Programs

Akamedia offers short-programs and collections of edited clips, as well as highlights and event coverage that are ready-to-air.


Our editorial staff offers customised editing, dedicated post-production as well as localisation to create original programs for clients.

We recently launched a catalog of factual programs and documentaries, and we are currently developing several scripted series that you can find in the following pages.​

Footage: News & Archives

Straight from the newsrooms, the main news organisations, the news and photo agencies to your desk, Akamedia gathers more than 500 new stories per day and offers more than 500,000 news clips online.

This great choice of footage is available on demand "à la carte", in bundled packages or on a subscription basis according to each client's needs.

News Feeds

Akamedia has partnered with main players from the news industry to provide the first multi-daily news feeds of the entertainment industry.

Whether you are looking for Celebrity News or Movie News, we provide a instant access to more than 45 minutes of brand new content every week that you can use as is, repackage or re-edit.


Live Streaming

Akamedia makes your event available to your audience live, on any screen, in just a few clicks.

Whether it is a conference, the launch of a new product, a film festival, a premiere, a fashion show, a concert or an interview, our staff and partners will bring you the best technical choice for transmitting your live show or program and making it available to your audience and possibly to other media partners.